Truth vs Myth in iOS App Development Services No One Told You About

Truth vs Myth in iOS App Development Services No One Told You About

As is true of anything that has become a global phenomenon, iOS app development services have become mired in a miasma of unfounded notions, beliefs, and myths. These can cause significant trouble for an iOS application development company. As clients are exposed to incorrect ideas and perceptions about what making an iOS app entails, then meeting their expectations can verge on difficult.

To this end, an exploration of some prominent myths, and countering them with the facts can be helpful.

1.    Myth: Enterprises often stick to local iOS app development services, as they create better and more effective apps. Outsourcing should only be done as an act of compromise, not as the first choice.

Fact: The grounds for comparison between the two do not exist. It is the quality of the developer teams’ work that determines how an app turns out. The location has very little to do with expertise, competence or work ethic. If a developer delivers well for local clients, there are no reasons to believe that they will not do so for the offshore clients.

One could argue that it is safer to hire local iOS app development services because, in the event of an issue, access to their office is far easier. But this can be avoided by vetting iOS app development companies and talking to their former clients before hiring them. In fact, one can argue that, since the pressure to meet the expectations of offshore clients is usually higher in the company, outsourcing might be more advantageous in some cases.

2.    Myth: iOS app developers can just execute instructions they receive over the phone. That is all it takes to create a successful app.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. If an outsourced developer can create an app out of a few phone calls, then the credit is to their longstanding experience and expertise. It normally takes about six months to create a simple 5 MB app. It is only after creating hundreds of similar apps that a developer gets a clear idea about the process and manages to understand what the client desires from a couple of telephonic conversations.

It is always best to collect feedback regarding your idea from the developers. Given that they have seen the designs of apps prevalent in the industry, and might even have worked on some of them, their ideas for improvement usually add massive value to your design. In addition, it is best to employ iOS app development services that have experience working in your industry.

3.    Myth: When you outsource your iOS app development needs, payment will be on an hourly basis, not on a fixed scale.

Fact: The rates always depend on the skills, experience, and expertise that the developer brings to the table. When choosing your developer, you will come across skill levels ranging from amateur to high professionalism. Some iOS app development agencies though the charge on a fixed scale, which can turn profitable for businesses.

It might be tempting to hire a novice on the basis of the low fees they demand, but it may also have a detrimental effect on the quality of the finished app. Money saved will be lost many times over, if the app fails to attract business and/or users in the market.

4.   Myth: iOS app development is a process so simple that an app can be fully created in a few days.

Fact: If an app is created in a few days via traditional methods, it is quite natural that it will be full of flaws and will not yield good results. iOS-based applications need exceptional effort to ensure that their quality matches the high standards set by Apple. And only a low-code based iOS app development process can create apps in days or weeks as the process is automated. On a low-code platform, a quality iOS application usually takes between six to eight weeks to be crafted and made ready for publishing on Apple App Store.

Since the quality of the finished app depends on the quality of the manpower and technology used behind it, as well as on the driving vision, it is important for you to be very particular about the kind of iOS app development services you eventually opt for.

5.    Myth: One has to work on the iOS app developer’s time rather than the other way around.

Fact: The solution is simple. Find companies offering iPhone app development services that use a working model called “Follow the Sun”. Essentially, developers work during the off-hours of the client and deliver results the next morning. Naturally, this problem applies when a business is using outsourced iOS app development services.

6.    Myth: The presence of bugs in the finished app is a reflection of the developers’ lack of competency.

Fact: Bugs are a fact of life in app development circles. Even Apple, Google, and Microsoft are not able to release completely bug-free products. So, it is a bit unrealistic to expect zero bugs at the first attempt via traditional app development approaches. Competent iOS app development service providers like HokuApps put their clients’ concerns before everything else and will surely work their way toward a fully-functional solution.

7.    Myth: Once a wireframe has been made for the iOS app, no changes are possible.

Fact: Keeping a wireframe flexible is the mark of a wise developer. Customization requirements almost invariably crop up during the development process, and, sometimes, they require alterations within the wireframe. A programmer with industry insight is aware of this and knows to construct the initial wireframe with room for change.

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