How Is Android App Development the Most Beneficial

How Is Android App Development the Most Beneficial?

The future of Android apps is brilliant and expected to grow more, while it fulfills the customer needs and provides those apps which are more stable and easy to access. Let’s take a look why android app development should be prioritized for all businesses:

High Return of Investment & Low Investment

Android application development comparatively has low hurdles for entry into a market and also provides its SDK to the coder community which lessens the development and licensing costs. Being a JavaScript-based platform, it is also very easy to master and execute. The android app development cost here is divided into three steps: application development, testing, and hardware cost for mobile applications. Therefore, it is highly cost-effective.

Open Source Nature

The open source nature of Android has to be the most prominent advantage, which means the source code of the Development Kit (SDK) is entirely available for amendments as per the requirement of the developer. Developers can directly interact with the community. They have access to the best technology framework which results in faster development of applications and brings better opportunities for the app developers to earn more. Android app development supports Inter-Application Integration in which two different software can connect. This makes the Android application development platform attractive for handset manufacturers & wireless operators, resulting in faster development of Android-based phones.

Easy Integration

The advance softly integration feature provides better connectivity and interaction between the departments. Android apps development also allow customization as per the requirements of the organization. Businesses can also easily integrate their app with the existing system, to cater the needs of the company.

Easy App Approval Process

Unlike iOS app developers, Android app developers enjoy much freedom on the general content of their apps. Android app Developers can readily accept the policy and enter the Android market with their application, and the process is equivalent for startups and the existing Android App development companies.

Easy Adoption

Android Applications are developed in Java language which is highly rich in libraries. It’s very beneficial for Java developers to transit the code script into a mobile application, and can also implement android application development services in the app. In android the primary prerequisite, to develop an app is the high knowledge of core Java so that the script can be converted into a highly interactive app. Therefore, developers need to have good command in Core Java for Android, and with least efforts, they can develop any application.


During the period when the Android market was becoming popular, a lot of Android mobile development devices were affected by hackers. Overly concerned Google fixed this significant security issue and made Android a highly secure platform. With address space layout android has now become one of the safest mobile platforms in the market.

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