Best 7 Pro Tip to Become a Better Android App Developer

Best 7 Pro Tip to Become a Better Android App Developer

Below are the point pro Suggestion for best android app developer

Learn clean coding guidelines for Android

You just can’t ignore this, it becomes really difficult to work with android app developers who don’t write clean code maintaining at least the basic coding guidelines of Android development. It’s not rocket science at all and should not take you more than a few hours to learn most of the fundamental Java and Android coding guidelines. It should not be an one time thing, rather a lifestyle change for the developer.

Consider learning more languages

I am not telling you to learn Spanish or Chinese, but to learn new android app programmer languages. You need to keep yourself updated with what is happening in the industry rather than confining yourself only with Android all the time. This will open up your perspective and will help you improve your Android app development skills significantly. Make up your mind to learn at least one new programming language every year. But don’t just skim over the language for a week and leave it. Try to get into the depths of the language and how it works internally.

Start contributing to open-source

If you have developed something useful and is using it in your own app, then consider open-sourcing it. You will have so much to learn in the process which will help you grow as an android app developer. If you don’t have anything to open-source, consider checking out other interesting open-source projects and fix some bugs, improve the documentation or write a few tests there.

Think realistic & Easy Technique

I have seen this happening not only with me but with several other fellow android app developers I have worked with as well. Thinking about something before starting to work on it is good, but over-thinking and 0ver-analyzing things lead to nothing other than unnecessary confusion, delay and anxiety. Do what seems good for the project right now and you can always adjust to the changing situations in the future as required.

Start being a perfectionist

This is a subjective topic as what is “perfection” to me might not be “perfection” to others. But as a thumb rule, try to achieve the best possible version of the product that you are required to deliver, all the time. Never settle for less. Don’t work on something just for the sake of it. Be passionate about the work you are doing and do it better than others. This will help you constantly grow and become a successful android app developer in the long run.

Embrace the reactive programming approach

If you want to level up your skills as an Android app developer, you should definitely consider embracing the reactive approach. This will force you to think in a completely different way in which you build apps. Going the reactive way will surely help you write interactive apps faster and will make your android app development life easier and fun again.

Automate anything that eats your time

We engineers, are lazy by birth and always try to find an easy way to do a boring job. So, if you need to do something repetitive and boring several times a day, then consider automating it. It will cumulatively save you quite a lot of time every week which you can spend on doing other productive and useful things and reduce your angst.

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