Truth vs Myth in iOS App Development Services No One Told You About

Truth vs Myth in iOS App Development Services No One Told You About

As is true of anything that has become a global phenomenon, iOS app development services have become mired in a miasma of unfounded notions, beliefs, and myths. These can cause significant trouble for an iOS application development company. As clients are exposed to incorrect ideas and perceptions about what making an iOS app entails, then meeting their expectations can verge on difficult.

To this end, an exploration of some prominent myths, and countering them with the facts can be helpful.

1.    Myth: Enterprises often stick to local iOS app development services, as they create better and more effective apps. Outsourcing should only be done as an act of compromise, not as the first choice.

Fact: The grounds for comparison between the two do not exist. It is the quality of the developer teams’ work that determines how an app turns out. The location has very little to do with expertise, competence or work ethic. If a developer delivers well for local clients, there are no reasons to believe that they will not do so for the offshore clients.

One could argue that it is safer to hire local iOS app development services because, in the event of an issue, access to their office is far easier. But this can be avoided by vetting iOS app development companies and talking to their former clients before hiring them. In fact, one can argue that, since the pressure to meet the expectations of offshore clients is usually higher in the company, outsourcing might be more advantageous in some cases.

2.    Myth: iOS app developers can just execute instructions they receive over the phone. That is all it takes to create a successful app.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. If an outsourced developer can create an app out of a few phone calls, then the credit is to their longstanding experience and expertise. It normally takes about six months to create a simple 5 MB app. It is only after creating hundreds of similar apps that a developer gets a clear idea about the process and manages to understand what the client desires from a couple of telephonic conversations.

It is always best to collect feedback regarding your idea from the developers. Given that they have seen the designs of apps prevalent in the industry, and might even have worked on some of them, their ideas for improvement usually add massive value to your design. In addition, it is best to employ iOS app development services that have experience working in your industry.

3.    Myth: When you outsource your iOS app development needs, payment will be on an hourly basis, not on a fixed scale.

Fact: The rates always depend on the skills, experience, and expertise that the developer brings to the table. When choosing your developer, you will come across skill levels ranging from amateur to high professionalism. Some iOS app development agencies though the charge on a fixed scale, which can turn profitable for businesses.

It might be tempting to hire a novice on the basis of the low fees they demand, but it may also have a detrimental effect on the quality of the finished app. Money saved will be lost many times over, if the app fails to attract business and/or users in the market.

4.   Myth: iOS app development is a process so simple that an app can be fully created in a few days.

Fact: If an app is created in a few days via traditional methods, it is quite natural that it will be full of flaws and will not yield good results. iOS-based applications need exceptional effort to ensure that their quality matches the high standards set by Apple. And only a low-code based iOS app development process can create apps in days or weeks as the process is automated. On a low-code platform, a quality iOS application usually takes between six to eight weeks to be crafted and made ready for publishing on Apple App Store.

Since the quality of the finished app depends on the quality of the manpower and technology used behind it, as well as on the driving vision, it is important for you to be very particular about the kind of iOS app development services you eventually opt for.

5.    Myth: One has to work on the iOS app developer’s time rather than the other way around.

Fact: The solution is simple. Find companies offering iPhone app development services that use a working model called “Follow the Sun”. Essentially, developers work during the off-hours of the client and deliver results the next morning. Naturally, this problem applies when a business is using outsourced iOS app development services.

6.    Myth: The presence of bugs in the finished app is a reflection of the developers’ lack of competency.

Fact: Bugs are a fact of life in app development circles. Even Apple, Google, and Microsoft are not able to release completely bug-free products. So, it is a bit unrealistic to expect zero bugs at the first attempt via traditional app development approaches. Competent iOS app development service providers like HokuApps put their clients’ concerns before everything else and will surely work their way toward a fully-functional solution.

7.    Myth: Once a wireframe has been made for the iOS app, no changes are possible.

Fact: Keeping a wireframe flexible is the mark of a wise developer. Customization requirements almost invariably crop up during the development process, and, sometimes, they require alterations within the wireframe. A programmer with industry insight is aware of this and knows to construct the initial wireframe with room for change.

6 Tips to Find the Right Android Application Development Company

6 Tips to Find the Right Android Application Development Company

The recent technical innovation and advancements, mobile applications have become a need for every business. For developing a best Android application, it’s important to hire proficient android app developers. Take a look on the following tips to find the right android app developer for a business.

1. Find a Proficient Developer

To hire a proficient android app developer, the important thing to take into account is the experience. Developing a company as well as business best app is indeed a tricky task that should be proficiently done and needs experienced Android app developers.

2. Avoid Making Cost The Primary Focus

Most of businesses hire Android app development companies. However, to hire a cost-effective developers, they often end up with a poor quality application, which in turn is no use for the organization. Rather than taking risks with low budget providers, always hire those developers that could develop quality-rich and feature-packed apps with affordable rates.

3. Perfect Knowledge of Open Source

A business should find a Android app development company that’s familiar with emerging open source libraries.

4. Check Last Projects Experience

Going through past projects help understand the quality of delivery and the approach of the vendor. While hiring Android app developers, check out the designing capabilities, app functionality and time taken to accomplish the project. It helps understand if the developer fits the requirements or otherwise.

5. Hire Certified and Expertise Developers

Hiring a developers could be low-budget but it’s risky. Choosing developers could result to a negative result. Choosing wisely a certified and reputable android app development firm is the safest and most cost-effective way of getting an app developed.

6. Examine Past Development Support and Tasks

Before someone to hire, discuss past development tasks, like app testing, submission, bug fixing, support, maintenance and others.

6 Things You Need to Know About iPhone App Development

6 Things You Need to Know About iPhone App Development

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind about iPhone app development:

1. Writing code is very Short & Different

iPhone mobile app development is more than just writing a few lines of functional code. A lot of technical skills associated with developing iPhone applications and the recurring updates are not taught in a classroom. The field of work is constantly evolving so much so that the problems of app development today are very different from what they were as recent as a year ago. iPhone app programmers have to write highly salable code with sustainable infrastructure that can withstand huge usage volumes with minimal crashes or downtime.

2. Let the Internet be your sounding board

Apart from being well acquainted with programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, x-browser, and Framework, all iPhone app programmers must scour the Internet to be aware of any new and path-breaking trends, in order to go about iPhone app development, the right way. Google play is an important place to explore, as it attracts the highest numbers of new apps published. Looking through the iPhone platform will give you an idea of the basic structure of the app, platform capabilities, the user base it attracts, and the features of the interface.

3. Drawing and Wire Framing

As a developer, one of the key skills of iPhone app development is putting pen to paper. It’s step one of the visualization process. Being able to draw and wire frame each screen of the app will make the development thought process lucid and reduce the incidence of errors. Wireframing also serves as an ideal blueprint to refer to at different stages of development, as it saves precious man-hours with respect to changing crucial aspects of the app once the development is under-way.

4. App design should be perceptive to user behavior

The Internet and the onset of so many customer-facing mobile apps has changed the way the world works. From bill-payment and ticket booking to e-commerce and banking, there is an app for everything to the point that it is now hard to imagine life without them. For example, news aggregator apps that give users the access to reading all leading newspapers online has affected the sales of all physical newspapers. The Internet has changed the way we consume content. Everything is live and updated by the second, in a way that users can find relevant information at lightning fast speed – something that was responsible for the increase in iPhone app development services everywhere. iPhone app development companies employ sophisticated analytical tools such as heat maps to deduce which buttons are being clicked often, and which links have the highest click-through rate, which is why it makes sense to engage in iPhone app development to get fresher insights into your market. In addition to this, iPhone app programmers use this information to create better user experiences.

5. Master optimization techniques for iPhone

When you’re engaging in iPhone app development, ensure that the software is perfectly optimized for the OS platform. There are millions of iPhone apps out there, and so, it is up to you to make sure that your app pops up in response to the appropriate search request. Undertake some research in Search Engine Optimization techniques and make use of relevant keywords for your page. Front-end development is an important aspect in iOS application development, so as to ensure optimum usage of a header, title tags, and a well-written meta description to get a good ranking and relevant hits.

6. Build according to user needs

Different apps in the same market segments may function very differently depending on the user needs they fulfill. iPhone app development is very user centric, and the interface must be customized accordingly. For example, a banking app used to manage different expenses functions very differently from a broking app that diversifies the customers’ expenses into a basket of investments. Both the above apps would fall in the category of money management, or Fintech applications, but serve very different functions for two different types of user groups. iPhone app development companies must always strive to use software to add value to users’ lives.

Latest Trends to Follow When Select an Android Application Development

Latest Trends to Follow When Select an Android Application Development

Here are the trends which are ruling the Android app development process and are here to stay.

Cloud-based Apps

One of the critical advantages provided by cloud-based apps is the flexibility to adapt with increasing or fluctuating bandwidth demand with significant cost benefits. More and more businesses are opting for cloud-based apps as they offer disaster recovery, enhanced collaboration, and greater security.


With the advent of beacons, mobile apps are all set to transform the retail store experience. With the integration of beacon technology and mobile apps, customers will be provided personalized promotional offers on spot in the retail store. This is the driving force behind more and more retail businesses adopting mobile apps.

Artificial Intelligence

The machine learning is all set to transform Android app development. The Android application development technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter are already making a huge investment in AI. Through AI retail stores can provide interactive apps which have the ability to interact with customers and help them making the purchase decision.

Internet of Things Apps

IoT has gained traction with the Unique latest features of wearable technology. Internet of Things presents immense opportunities for Android app developers by taking leverage of connected “things”. As the world is moving towards Smart homes and Smart cities, IoT-based applications are all bound to have exponential growth.

Location-based Apps

There is an upsurge in location based apps as every android app development business wishes to attract customers in the vicinity of their business. The GPS enabled apps can provide mobile app users information and promotional offers about the business which are in the close proximity.

Virtual Reality Apps

Virtually reality was already doing circles in gaming community but in recent times VR has found application in E-commerce and M-commerce. The VR apps can provide an immersive experience with positive customer experience. The huge trends of VR wearable devices is also fueling the growth of Virtual Reality apps.

Top 4 Latest Trends for Android App Development in 2018

Top 4 Latest Trends for Android App Development in 2018

Some of the latest trends of Android mobile app development, listed below:

1. Android Instant Apps

Instant Apps are going to revolutionize the way we use mobile apps with a quick way to access without installing the app on your mobile phone. It will become super easy to use mobile apps instantly like usual web pages. Moreover, you would not e required to download the full version only a part required can be successfully installed. It will surely help in systematically install apps required frequently and one time.

Android AI-assistant

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been cropping up in many of our mobile apps either in form of chat bots or virtual assistants. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg with much more incredible functionalitiedes waiting to be explored by top Android app developers and engineers.

Android In-App Payments

Online shopping has already become an integral part of our lives. And why not when online stores offer a wide range of products at different prices. Plastic money has become equally popular with such hike in online payments. With numerous advantages, it does not seem necessary to explain the advent of online payment across our everyday transactions. Nowadays, android app developers have been integrating the functionality across mobile apps with ‘Android Pay’ button for hassle free transactions.

In-App Search

It is In-App search, another master stroke feature from Google to fascinate Android users with most relevant results when even you are not sure what you are looking for. This feature also helps you to find anything on your phone. For now, the feature is available to use in popular apps like Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. But soon this trend will be seen across other promising apps with more advanced capabilities. So, it would be wrong to mark In-App Search as one of the latest Android app development trends this year.

Always contact with our top Android app developers to help you integrate the best of payment modes and further evolve your business strategy.

Best Ways to Hire a Top Android App Development Company

Best Ways to Hire a Top Android App Development Company

Below are the detailed points about how to hire android app development company

Read their portfolio & Expertise

Every app development company should have a pretty wide portfolio by now, unless they are fresher. The thing about their portfolio that will interest you is that each company has a special page for the portfolio where all of their past projects are listed. You must be very careful when you’re reading this page to see if they are experienced enough to do your project.

Note Their References

Companies would usually post referrals to their customers. You can note down their name and contact them in order to get more information. This is a very good way to get accurate information about that company from a customer who worked with them.

Check the Costs

You can even compare the costs between all of the companies you’ve found. Contact each company and ask them to give you an exact quote for your project. Don’t always go for the lowest price because you want quality, so our advice is to go for the middle price. Usually you will overpay organizations that ask too much and that wouldn’t be beneficial for you.

Go Slow & Carefully

After research, if you still have doubts regarding android app development company, you can ask them to do a small project for you. Once you see the result and it meets your expectations, you can go for a long-term contract with that android app development company

Their Design Time

Ask them for an estimation on how much your project would take. Don’t accept fast projects nor long ones, because again, they will have low to medium quality. Make sure that they’re doing the projects in a relatively fast time but of premium quality. You can hire best android app developers in very expertise manners.

Take this points consider in minds when you hire best android app development company.

How Is Android App Development the Most Beneficial

How Is Android App Development the Most Beneficial?

The future of Android apps is brilliant and expected to grow more, while it fulfills the customer needs and provides those apps which are more stable and easy to access. Let’s take a look why android app development should be prioritized for all businesses:

High Return of Investment & Low Investment

Android application development comparatively has low hurdles for entry into a market and also provides its SDK to the coder community which lessens the development and licensing costs. Being a JavaScript-based platform, it is also very easy to master and execute. The android app development cost here is divided into three steps: application development, testing, and hardware cost for mobile applications. Therefore, it is highly cost-effective.

Open Source Nature

The open source nature of Android has to be the most prominent advantage, which means the source code of the Development Kit (SDK) is entirely available for amendments as per the requirement of the developer. Developers can directly interact with the community. They have access to the best technology framework which results in faster development of applications and brings better opportunities for the app developers to earn more. Android app development supports Inter-Application Integration in which two different software can connect. This makes the Android application development platform attractive for handset manufacturers & wireless operators, resulting in faster development of Android-based phones.

Easy Integration

The advance softly integration feature provides better connectivity and interaction between the departments. Android apps development also allow customization as per the requirements of the organization. Businesses can also easily integrate their app with the existing system, to cater the needs of the company.

Easy App Approval Process

Unlike iOS app developers, Android app developers enjoy much freedom on the general content of their apps. Android app Developers can readily accept the policy and enter the Android market with their application, and the process is equivalent for startups and the existing Android App development companies.

Easy Adoption

Android Applications are developed in Java language which is highly rich in libraries. It’s very beneficial for Java developers to transit the code script into a mobile application, and can also implement android application development services in the app. In android the primary prerequisite, to develop an app is the high knowledge of core Java so that the script can be converted into a highly interactive app. Therefore, developers need to have good command in Core Java for Android, and with least efforts, they can develop any application.


During the period when the Android market was becoming popular, a lot of Android mobile development devices were affected by hackers. Overly concerned Google fixed this significant security issue and made Android a highly secure platform. With address space layout android has now become one of the safest mobile platforms in the market.

Which is the great iOS and Android app development company

There are tons of great Android and iOS app development companies spread across the world. These companies bring different advantages to the table. The choice of company should be guided by your requirements and limitations.

Think about it. Some Android and iOS app development companies mention their average project size as $4,000, while others mention their average as high as $50,000. While some are catering to Fortune 500 companies and creating highly complex enterprise apps, others are creating simple apps for smaller companies.

So, before reaching out to any Android and iOS mobile app development company, it’s important to do two things:

  • Make a list of all your requirements – This can be in terms of business goals to be met by the solution. Often projects fail due to lack of in-depth understanding of the solution needed.
  • List your priorities – Once you’ve created the list of business goals, think about your priorities. Is it to get a smoothly working app? Do you have budget constraints? Is the key focus to get things done fast or giving the best user experience? What timeline do you have in mind?

Your specific requirements and answers to these questions would help identify the most suitable Android and iOS app development company for your needs.

Once you have a clearer insight into these, it’s time to think whether you wish to hire iOS developers or look for a company that will partner closely with you to create the solution. Outsourcing often generates the best return on investment.

And, finally, consider the following parameters to make a decision on which Android and iOS mobile app development company to choose:

Past Projects: Check the company’s success stories. Do the solutions seem close to your requirements? If yours is an enterprise mobility solution, check whether the company has successfully deployed large projects. If yours is a small business, then a company specializing in smaller and simpler projects may be more suitable.

Budget: Check the average budget size of the solutions created. Does this fall within the scope of what you’ve allocated for your solution?

Team: Often we make the mistake of looking for developer skills and experience. However, it’s best to choose an Android and iOS mobile app development company that has experts who can help with strategizing UI and UX experts, and graphic designers. Identify a company that can partner with you through the app’s lifecycle.

Considering Trade-Offs

Often quality is seen as a trade-off for budget and timeline. This is the case with Android and iOS mobile app development companies that continue to use the traditional approach of coding the solution from scratch. This will increase costs and take several months or even more than a year for app deployment, depending on the size and complexity of the solution.

Instead, it’s possible to create the mobility solution using an enterprise-grade MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform). This is a platform that provides hundreds of pre-configured modules that are already tested to be bug-free. They are developed for diverse workflows and incorporate industry best practice. By selecting the appropriate modules and pre-built technology components, the necessary features can be added to your app with a simple drag and drop approach. The apps are then customized to suit a business’s unique requirements.  

By using the MADP approach, even a complex fully-customized app can be created 10 times faster (within 6-8 weeks) and with a significantly lower budget than development using the traditional approach.

Android app development trends

5 Features That’ll Take Your Android Application Development to New Heights

Rapid advancements in technology over the past couple years alone have dramatically altered the way we live our lives. Almost every business in virtually every industry is looking to develop digital solutions to enhance their business development activities. In the steady wave of digital transformations our society has witnessed, there has been a distinctive shift in focus from web-based applications to mobile applications. The market for Android application development, in particular, has grown significantly and continues to grow exponentially every day.

Now, we can do everything from conducting business to personal entertainment all from the convenience of your private devices. The introduction of newer and more advanced features for mobile devices have given Android app developers a lot of room to be creative during the Android app development process to deliver a product that is engaging and user-friendly. When looking to develop a custom mobile application for your business, it is always smarter to hire the services of a professional Android app development company like HokuApps to ensure that your app is not only competent but also more in line with your vision for your business.

To ensure the success and longevity of your app, here’s a list of 5 essential features you must include in your Android app.

1. Gesture control
Smartphones today offer a wide range of different features to enhance your mobile experience. Android app development companies need to ensure that the application they build is keeping with the latest and most trending in mobile technologies. Gesture control has become something of a prerequisite Android apps. They serve as building blocks that enable Android app developers to integrate all kinds of different gesture control combinations to create a more engaging, functional and endearing app experience.

2. AI and voice commands
Artificial intelligence or AI is something that is trending in Android mobile app development, and an increasing number of companies are developing applications integrated with AI to optimize their user experience. It helps in making your app-experience more seamless and modern where you can accomplish so much with simple voice commands. AI can be integrated and applied to virtually every type of application. Whether it’s for gaming, carrying out voice commands transactions or simple in-app voice assistance, the potential for AI applications app is only limited by the developer’s imagination.

3. Enterprise features
Enterprise mobile app development has grown a lot ever since companies began recognizing the massive advantage of having an enterprise mobile app to streamline employee communication. For instance, employees are able to gain business information when they’re on the go via enterprise apps. This is why enterprise mobile apps are also trending in Android app development. Businesses everywhere are looking to have mobile enterprise apps that offer high performance, as well as stability. In addition to this, enterprises want apps that comprise CRM, ERP, as well as SAP integration.

4. Cloud computing
Today, cloud computing is almost a necessity when it comes to Android application development, as cloud computing is used to develop a number of different apps, such as messaging applications, and more. And so, if your Android app is integrated with cloud computing capabilities, your app will gain popularity.

5. Mobile payment options
With m-commerce becoming the primary way people make purchases, it only makes sense to include mobile payment options in your Android application. By enabling financial transactions in your Android app, you will ensure a holistic user experience.

Best 7 Pro Tip to Become a Better Android App Developer

Best 7 Pro Tip to Become a Better Android App Developer

Below are the point pro Suggestion for best android app developer

Learn clean coding guidelines for Android

You just can’t ignore this, it becomes really difficult to work with android app developers who don’t write clean code maintaining at least the basic coding guidelines of Android development. It’s not rocket science at all and should not take you more than a few hours to learn most of the fundamental Java and Android coding guidelines. It should not be an one time thing, rather a lifestyle change for the developer.

Consider learning more languages

I am not telling you to learn Spanish or Chinese, but to learn new android app programmer languages. You need to keep yourself updated with what is happening in the industry rather than confining yourself only with Android all the time. This will open up your perspective and will help you improve your Android app development skills significantly. Make up your mind to learn at least one new programming language every year. But don’t just skim over the language for a week and leave it. Try to get into the depths of the language and how it works internally.

Start contributing to open-source

If you have developed something useful and is using it in your own app, then consider open-sourcing it. You will have so much to learn in the process which will help you grow as an android app developer. If you don’t have anything to open-source, consider checking out other interesting open-source projects and fix some bugs, improve the documentation or write a few tests there.

Think realistic & Easy Technique

I have seen this happening not only with me but with several other fellow android app developers I have worked with as well. Thinking about something before starting to work on it is good, but over-thinking and 0ver-analyzing things lead to nothing other than unnecessary confusion, delay and anxiety. Do what seems good for the project right now and you can always adjust to the changing situations in the future as required.

Start being a perfectionist

This is a subjective topic as what is “perfection” to me might not be “perfection” to others. But as a thumb rule, try to achieve the best possible version of the product that you are required to deliver, all the time. Never settle for less. Don’t work on something just for the sake of it. Be passionate about the work you are doing and do it better than others. This will help you constantly grow and become a successful android app developer in the long run.

Embrace the reactive programming approach

If you want to level up your skills as an Android app developer, you should definitely consider embracing the reactive approach. This will force you to think in a completely different way in which you build apps. Going the reactive way will surely help you write interactive apps faster and will make your android app development life easier and fun again.

Automate anything that eats your time

We engineers, are lazy by birth and always try to find an easy way to do a boring job. So, if you need to do something repetitive and boring several times a day, then consider automating it. It will cumulatively save you quite a lot of time every week which you can spend on doing other productive and useful things and reduce your angst.